Our Leadership A talented team, dedicated to bringing a beautiful green space to Downtown Salisbury

Board of Directors

Bill Wagoner, President
Edward Norvell, Vice President
Mary Heather Steinman, Secretary-Treasurer
Meredith Abramson
Dyke Messinger
Jason Walser
Darrell Hancock
Margaret Kluttz
Clay Lindsay
Betty Mickle
Elise Tellez
Sam Wilborn

Marketing Committee

Meredith Abramson
Ashley Honbarrier
Veronica Leasure
Alyssa Nelson
Elise Tellez

Master Plan Committee

Meredith Abramson, Chairman
Sherry Beck
Alyssa Nelson
Jane Ritchie
Dr. Bret Busby

Implementation Committee

Bill Burgin
Clay Lindsay
Bill Wagoner

Carol Palmer, Staff